Webinar |Acting against fake news in social media - Legislative, judicial and academic means to combat disinformation

Webinar |Acting against fake news in social media - Legislative, judicial and academic means to combat disinformation

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The potential to manipulate public opinion by way of fake news in Social Media poses a challenge to democracies the world over. Now is the time to find new legal, political and technical responses in order to protect democracy.

FGV’s Department of Public Policy Analysis (FGV DAPP), as one of the leading interdisciplinary departments in the field in Brazil is uniquely suited to develop and advise on possible solutions. To this end and with the support of the German Embassy Brasilia, FGV DAPP is launching a new 2-year project with the goal to develop such strategies and tools and to advise politics, law and media. This being a global challenge, the project also aims to deepen cooperation with similar research bodies in Germany. To launch the project we are holding a unique week of webinars, from September 8th to 10th 2020 to establish the status quo and the challenges as seen from Parliaments (Day 1), Academia (Day 2) and the Courts (Day 3). 

The project will be coordinated by the director of FGV DAPP, Marco Aurelio Ruediger, who will make the opening remarks along with the Ambassador of Germany to Brazil, Heiko Thoms. Each webinar will have a specific theme, with a keynote speech followed by a round table debate. On the 8th, the keynote speech will be delivered by speaker of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Rodrigo Maia, mediated by Flávia Lima, Ombudsman for Folha de S. Paulo. On the 9th , professor at the WZB Berlin Institute Jeanette Hoffman will open the event with a keynote speech on the theme “Fake News and the Digital Public Sphere - What is the impact of disinformation in the democratic decision-making process?“. On the last day of the meeting, the theme will be “Fake News and Justice - Can judicial decisions create equal conditions of dispute?“. 

Among those confirmed are federal congressman Felipe Rigoni, co-author of the Fake News bill; Pedro Abramovay, director for Latin America at the Open Society Foundations; Folha de S. Paulo’s Patricia Campos Mello, winner of the Maria Moors Cabot award for journalism and Professor Thomas Petri, Data Protection Ombudsman of Bavaria. Also participating in the debate are Professor Rosana Pinheiro-Machado, from the University of Bath, in England, Professor Wilson Gomes, from the Federal University of Bahia and the journalists Tjerk Brühwiller from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung bureau in São Paulo and Iago Bolivar from Jota.info.

All lectures will be transmitted with the option of simultaneous translation into Portuguese, English and German. For more information, register below.


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