A conversation with Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of The Netherlands

presencial R. Itapeva, 432 - São Paulo - São Paulo - Brasil

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Dear students,

We are pleased to announce that FGV EAESP will be honored to host Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, for a lecture at our institution. Rutte is a prominent political leader in Europe and has led his country for nearly a decade.

In this special event, Prime Minister Rutte will address two key topics for today's world: International Development & Geopolitics and Sustainability & Climate. This discussion will be a unique opportunity to not only learn from an experienced international leader, but also to engage with relevant and current issues. It is also an opportunity to learn more about Dutch politics and economics as well as how the country positions itself in relation to global affairs.

The lecture is open to all FGV students. Seats are limited, so registration at this link is mandatory for entry.


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